Newbury Railway Station to Reading Railway Station – Saturday 5th March

Well Saturday came and I hoped that when I woke up my left foot would have recovered, from the problems of wednesday, thursday and friday. The alarm sounded at 5 and I tentatively got out of bed and was pleasantly surprised that my foot seemed almost better.

I had some porridge and a cereal bar before getting kitted up and leaving for the 6:04 bus. I got to Reading and met up with Romuald where we boarded the train to Newbury. We arrived in no time and soon we were ready for the off. At the station there is a sign pointing to Reading which says 20 miles.

We set off at about 07:15 and headed for the canal. It was cold and windy and soon I realised that the wind was blowing from Reading to Newbury as so would be in our faces for the next 20 miles.

We started at a fair pace and I enjoyed the canal and the scenery. I felt nervous as I knew there was a long way ahead of us. After a couple of miles I took my coat off (big mistake) and left it on a bench.

We made reasonable progress and after 7 miles we quickened the pace a bit. Everything felt fairly good until about 13 miles and then I really started to feel rough as we headed across a boggy field into the driving cold wind. In hindsight I think I had overdosed a bit on Lucozade gel after having 3 in 12 miles. As the pace dropped I stiffened up and really struggled. I contemplated stopping but decided it would be too cold to walk and continuing to run would be the better option. Instead I tried to increase my pace, bend my knees and take longer strides. This had a positive effect and soon I was running with better technique and it wasn’t long before I got a second wind and started to feel much better. I think that I also started to relax and for the first time in the day I started to feel like I would finish the run!

The last few miles were interesting as we followed the River which was becoming more urbanised as we got closer to Reading. Then finally on exiting a tunnel there was the sign of the Oracle¬†on the side of a building. We were nearly home. A final half mile through the town saw many strange looks from shoppers before we turned the corner and there it was Reading Station and Journey’s end. It was a great feeling and I looked back feeling proud of my achievement.

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Still injured

Friday-feeling low as my foot is still sore. I’m hoping tomorrow it will be ok to run on.

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Injured 2/3 march

Very depressed today, couldn’t run last night or today as my left foot has had some sort of reaction and is very painful and swollen. It’s just like gout but not in my toe. I have taken anti-inflammatory painkillers and hope it eases soon. On Saturday I am due to run from Newbury to Reading!

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Sunday 27th 17 mile run

Sunday soon came round and it was time to run 17 miles. I had a good nights sleep before waking early. I decided to have a small cereal bar and a coffee. I set off and it was a bit chilly and fresh but I soon warmed up after a mile. I felt good and fresh. I ran by road to sonning (4miles) then picked up the river and followed it through to caversham.

It’s a great route and certainly takes your mind off the running and the cross country route spares your legs and knees of too much road work. After reaching Rivermead sports centre I turned round and headed for home. At 11 miles I felt my body tense up and my muscles shorten which made running and my technique and speed poor. However after 4 hrs and 2 mins I completed the 17 miles. It’s hard work but we’ll keep at it!!!!

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Friday Run – 6 Miles

Well there wasn’t much of a friday feeling this morning as I got out of bed after 5 and a half hours sleep. I ran to the showcase roundabout, then up to the three tuns before heading home. I struggled really and was very conscious that my right leg seemed to be doing all the work again and that my technique seemed to lack balance.

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RRR – Reading Road Runners

Wednesday night saw me pay a visit to Palmer Park to meet Anne on the desk for the RRR’s. I booked onto their coach for Marathon Day, so that should take the hassle out of getting to the Marathon. Well if I can make the 6 am departure time.

The RRR’s seem a good bunch of people and a great guy Paul showed me around and hopefully next Wednesday I’ll nip down and join up. This should offer me some help with my technique and training as well as the social side.

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Morning Run

After 4 days rest my body feels great and refreshed. I went to see my physio Liz last night and she worked on my Quads, Hammys and Calfs. I decided this morning to try and up the pace a bit and ran just under 6 miles. My speed was 5.1 mies an hour. The run was ok but I felt that my legs were unbalanced and my right leg is the driving leg doing all the work. I also noticed after 3 miles my left hamstring felt tight, so I need to look after it i the next few weeks.

I have just been to the Reading Road Runners stall at Palmer Park and I have booked onto their coach to get me to the start line on race day. I hope to attend some of their meetings and will look to join the club. I just need to persuade Ailsa to change her work night from Wednesday to another night !!

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Friday – Longest Ever Run – 15 miles

Up early for a run at 7. No Breakfast. The plan was to run two laps of my 7.4 mile Shinfield circuit, stopping in between to refuel, use the toilet and change my shorts.

I started really slowly and did the first lap in reverse for variety.

I then stopped at home which was nice and the change of shorts reduced the chaffing and soreness. Starting out again on a second lap worked well and I had a spring in my step for a couple of miles as if it was a new run. However after 11 miles my left hamstring was really tight and I had to nurse it home for the last 4 miles. But I did it!!!! 11.2 miles to go. We’re over halfway. 2 months to go.

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Thursday Rest Day

Gonna take a breather tomorrow, we’re going for 15 miles !!!

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Wednesday Run 7 miles

Well after 2 days rest it was time for a run. The first 3 miles were fine but then fatigue set in and I struggled for the last 4 miles home.

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