Open Water Swimming

I will soon be offering some Group Sessions from 29th May at Caversham Lakes and 1-2-1 sessions from 2 April.

The group sessions I am looking to offer are:-

1). Beginners to Open Water Swimming (180 mins) – covering kit to wear, equipment to bring, putting on and taking off a wetsuit, do’s and don’ts, safety, acclimatisation, overcoming fear and anxiety, breathing, cold water shock, key skills.

2). Intermediate Open Water Swimming (90 mins) – covering breathing, body position, improving front crawl technique, sighting, buoy turns

3). Triathlon / Swimming Racing technique sessions (90 mins) – covering Warm-ups, Breathing, Mass Starts, Deep Water Starts, Drafting, Buoy Turns, Sighting, Exiting the Water, Taking Wetsuit Off.

4). Cold Water Swimming (75 mins) –  how to enjoy safely swimming / dipping in cold water, kit required during and after the swim, tips, taking care of yourself.

More details to follow, check back soon – if you want to book please email me at:- or call on +447977401453

Below is a list of the key session elements that I can coach. For 1-2-1 or 2-2-1 sessions, I usually have a conversation, zoom call or telephone call with the client to understand what they are looking for and tailor a session or sessions to them and their ability.

In particular I would say I am great at giving people the confidence to swim in open water for the first time, being calm, understanding, experienced and good at preparing the client for their first open water swim.



Please see below my 2021 Price List Below.


Hi5 Beale Park – a beautiful 500m picturesque lake near Pangbourne.