There are 3 regular Bootcamps a week at Chalfont Park in Lower Earley, Berkshire.

Days and Time are Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6:30am

All abilities welcome, all you need is an exercise mat, some gloves, a drink and trainers you can run and exercise in.

Special offer in June all fees are Half Price!

The standard fees are £10 a session Pay As You Go, or £85 for 10 sessions or £90 a Calendar Month.

Meet point will be by on the field by the car park, opposite Asda.

Sometimes to mix things up, or if it is very wet a session may be an Outrun with Exercises to a local Lower Earley Park. These are a lot of fun and already proving to be popular. You don’t need to worry if you can’t run far or fast. No one gets left behind, we jog a bit then pause to do an exercise(s) before continuing. They are great and different every time.

So if you want to commit to get fit, have fun, meet other like minded people, enjoy some hard work in a group, then JW-Bootcamp is for you.

For more information contact justin@jw-coaching.co.uk or call on +447977401453

To Book for Bootcamp

To book please email me on the email address above and please also complete the attached google form, which covers fitness goals, health and next of kin details. click here for google form

Below is a picture of Amelia one of the original members of JW-Bootcamp and she has really benefited from Bootcamp. She has worked hard and this picture shows the weight loss she made in just 3 months.

There’s nothing quite like working out in the fresh air and as part of a team.

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