Sun 20th – Reading Half Marathon

Well one of the highlights of the year is always the Reading Half Marathon. As a resident of Reading this is great occasion. I deliberated all week as to whether to run this for a personal best and risk injury or just run it for fun and training.

I decided to see how I felt on the day and decide on a strategy from there. Well the morning was frantic as I couldn’t find my charity running shirt and my wife Ailsa wasn’t well enough to drive me to the race.

I ended up driving myself and was left with what turned out to be a good little warm-up run to get to the runners village. I felt good and pretty much decided on a go for it strategy.

It was good in the Runners Village as I was able to link up with my charity Berkshire MS Therapy Centre, and meet the team as well as see my brother Paul who was running for the charity and my sister-in-law Tracy who works for BMSTC.

Onto the race.

After lots of last minute wee’s we were underway. I started fairly fast (for me) and thought I’d try and push myself. It was great as I had my Marathon Charity shirt on complete with Justin written on the front and back in large letters, and hearing the crowds calling out my name certainly spurred me on.

The miles went by quickly and soon I was at 10 miles with 1:56 gone and I got excited as the sub 2:30 my be on. I started to tire a little and the muscles had shortened a bit but I continued to push myself.

As I ran around, the mile posts seemed to be much further than the reading on my GPS Garmin watch, and as my watch read 13.1 miles the time read 2:29:40 however, I still wasn’t inside the Madjeski Stadium where you finish.

I sprinted as fast as my legs would take me but as I crossed the finish line the time read 2:31:16. Disappointment as I didn’t make sub 2:30. but I had in fact beaten my PB by 41 seconds, and it was a thoroughly enjoyable race and experience.

I had a quick stretch out before making a fast drive to Stamford Bridge to see the mighty Chelsea beat Man City 2-0.

Great Day!!!!

About Justin Watkins -

I am a sports coach who specialises in helping people start their fitness /sporting journey and making it happen. I coach, personal training, running, triathlon, open water swimming, angling and cycling.
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