27th March Kingston 16 Miles Breakfast Run

Well today was the last race before the Marathon. It was just as well that I had told so many people I was running it as I felt like pulling out after only about 3 hours sleep.

After a fast drive and the obligatory last minute wee, I was lining up  on the start line. Off we went an we got a brisk start. The first KM was 6:04 against my normal of 7:30. I kept up the steady pace and before long I was at the end of the first lap in about 1:35. I was pleased I did each 5 mile section under an hour and the 15 mile mark was passed at 2:58.

The last mile was a bit tricky as my muscles had significantly tighten and I finished in 3:14:18. My Half Marathon Time was 16 secs slower than last weeks PB of 2:31:16.

It’s a great run and I’ll be back. I think carb loading for 3 or 4 days is definitely helping. Today I had a gel at 7 miles and 11 miles, and Lucozade at 6.5 and 13 miles

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I am a sports coach who specialises in helping people start their fitness /sporting journey and making it happen. I coach, personal training, running, triathlon, open water swimming, angling and cycling.
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